The Aiken Standard’s Advantage Membership program will begin Monday.

The program gives special rewards to home delivery subscribers and also provides subscriptions for those who prefer to view the Aiken Standard digitally.

Home delivery subscribers to the Aiken Standard will enjoy access to all of the digital services and products the Aiken Standard provides, including, as well as a digital replica version of the Aiken Standard for the iPhone, iPad, Amazon and Kindle products.

Home delivery subscribers will also continue to receive the TV section on Sundays and other special sections produced by the Aiken Standard.

Advantage Membership subscribers who prefer the digital products will have full access to all of those products. One added bonus is the Aiken Standard’s digital replica version, which allows readers to see the paper as they would a print edition, including the ability to flip through pages.

Both print and digital Advantage Membership subscribers will also be eligible for rewards that include discounts to local stores, special prizes and even special events sponsored by the Aiken Standard.

Readers who have been enjoying complete and free access to Aiken Standard digital products will no longer have full access without a subscription. Beginning Monday, much of’s information will be metered. Users will have access to the home page and limited story visits during a month. Once they have reached the monthly limit, they will be prompted to become members.

If you are already a subscriber to the Aiken Standard in print, then you will automatically become an Advantage Membership subscriber on Monday. You will also receive access to all of the newspaper’s digital products.

If you want to become an Advantage Membership subscriber – either print or digital – please contact the Aiken Standard at 803-648-2311. You may also subscribe through Look for the “Become A Member” link at the top of the home page.

Our staff can also help guide you through the use of the Aiken Standard’s digital products.

We thank you for being a member and for using our products.