The front page coverage of auto wrecks owing to dense fog makes me wonder why there weren’t more of them. A midmorning drive from downtown Aiken toward New Ellenton revealed to me a combination of several risky factors. Visibility in several spots was reduced to less than 200 feet, making stop lights extremely hard to see. Added to that were cars with no lights burning and others going considerably too fast for conditions. I attribute the last two to lack of experience or, more likely, stupidity.

Making less

Obama said he wasn’t going to raise taxes. However, my paycheck is less now than it was before. My taxes have gone up, and I haven’t gotten a raise.

Beautiful parkways

I am tired of reading about all the things that are wrong with the Laurens Street bridge. Tom Rapp should get some credit for making the parkways and roundabouts so beautiful. Aiken has so much to be thankful for. We need to help keep the streets clean. This would improve things immensely.

Relay moved

Why is the Relay For Life being held at South Aiken High instead of Aiken High? Why was it moved?

Schools support

I know we need to support our teachers, but we forget that everyone who works for the public school hasn’t gotten a raise in five years. New hires are making the same or more as people who have worked for the school system for years. We need to look out for everyone who works for the schools, not just the teachers.


We pay road taxes, and it’s supposed to go toward fixing these potholes. However, it doesn’t seem to be happening. I live on a dirt road and the only time it’s maintained is when it’s going to rain.

Mental illness

We’ve got gun control. We need to have control over the people who buy guns and are mentally ill. Parents should be responsible and not buy weapons for those who have mental problems.


The tax people should have worded their penalty notice differently. It was rude the way it was written.