For her 49th birthday, last month, Michelle Obama made the switch to bangs.

Media outlets burst with the news. Her straight-cut fringes even have their own Twitter account, FirstLady’sBangs.

The first lady is known and respected for her fashion sense and family loyalty. Lately, though, it’s her new hairdo that’s generating all the buzz.

One the readers of Scott Terwilliger, the Aiken Standard’s “Beauty Corner” columnist, even mentioned the new bangs in a letter to him.

“It seems like bangs are making a comeback now that the first lady is wearing them, and Kate Middleton has them, too,” the reader wrote.

The woman wrote because she’s interested in joining the trend, but worries she’ll look like a “9-inch pie plate” because of her round face.

Terwilliger responded first with respect toward the first lady for her hair change but then assured his reader that there are many ways to wear bangs.

To avoid bangs from looking too short, keep them cut below your eyebrows. Longer bangs, when worn off your face, can create an alternative look.

For those who have a problem with face structure or shape, like the reader, getting your hair length just right could help balance everything out.

If worst, and you don’t want to look like Obama or Middleton, just push the bangs aside, and let them grow, Terwilliger suggests.

“In the past, it has been difficult to convince women to give up their bangs,” he said in the column. “Now that’s done, and it’s time to talk them all back into them again. This is the nature of my business.”

At Aiken School of Cosmetology bang trimming is one of the services offered.

“Some people want bangs but not traditional ones,” said instructor Angela Harris.

Requests for bangs cut at asymmetrical or drastic angles are what the school often receives.

Of course bangs are not for everyone.

Harris said bold and vibrant color highlighting, bob and layers are some styles that have been requested.

For 2013, Terwilliger asserts that soft waves, deep-side part, up-dos, braids and pixie cuts are what’s in.

“Poker straight hair is out for 2013,” he said. Partly attributed to Anne Hathaway and her part in “Les Miserables,” “the pixie has been a favorite choice as a short style that can be modified to fit just about any facial shape.”

Adding to Terwilliger’s predictions, Harper’s Bazaar foresees tightly wound knots, low pony tails and a tame slicked-back look as the popular looks for this year. To see how to style your hair the Harper Bazaar way, visit

Hairstyle changes are made for different kind of reasons. As for the first lady, word around says she wanted a change, to feel liberated, to speak out or just to let her inner self shine.

“There were a lot of rumblings when Middleton got her new look, but the noise over the first lady’s new hairdo is more of an explosion. And it should be,” Terwilliger said in his column. “She looks incredible and totally up-to-date.”