Supports Napier for Council

I am writing this letter to share my views on the upcoming Aiken County Council District 6 election.

I am the younger brother of Phil Napier, who is opposed by Lynette Barton and John McMichael.

I have nothing but respect for Barton, whom I have known most of my life. The only thing I know about McMichael is that he lived in Aiken County as a youth and spent most of his life elsewhere until returning several years ago.

Napier has been married to Melody for 34 years, and they have two children: Rebecca, a physician in Augusta, and Philip, a minister.

I have witnessed Napier’s concern for those in need. As a boy, he would do odd jobs for the elderly and those less fortunate.

As an adult, he has been a member of the Graniteville, Vaucluse, Warrenville Volunteer Fire Department for nearly 40 years, serving most of those years as fire chief. He and his fellow volunteer firemen respond at all hours to protect us – while expecting nothing in return but the satisfaction of helping those in need.

Napier is a hard worker. He can be seen at any time cleaning our community, helping the elderly and encouraging the less fortunate.

On Wednesday evenings, Napier accompanies his son and children from their church to Pepper Hill Nursing Home where his son holds a church service. He assists the patients to and from the service making sure all who wish can attend.

If elected, I assure you Napier will be available to those he represents and will ensure their opinions are heard. He will seek the input from his constituents before making important decisions.

I urge everyone in District 6 to vote Tuesday for the candidate they think will represent them best.

Daryl Napier