Take the bus

A guaranteed way to alleviate the annoying, dangerous traffic lines at Chukker Creek and any other school is to suggest that parents have their children take the bus to school. Taxpayers are spending a fortune for these busses and they’re not being used. The kids might even begin to develop the social skills they’ll need in the real world when they grow up.

Going home

I agree with the person who wrote that there is a big difference in Bush going to his ranch in Texas and Obama going to Hawaii. Bush lived on the ranch. He did not have to pay the exorbitant charges for hotel rooms and transportation around the islands. For those of you who keep making excuses about Obama, why don’t you ask why he would not go to his home in Chicago for Christmas and other holidays? I would love to hear the answer, but then, I think I know the reason. Has Obama even gone to his home there since he became president?


As a resident of The Ridge at Chukker Creek, I wholeheartedly agree that something has to be done about the traffic situation. I believe increasing the turning lane will help alleviate the backup, but only if they allow through traffic for residents and emergency vehicles. Currently, the school blocks the through traffic lane in an unsafe manner that does not comply with federal traffic codes. According to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the personnel putting out the cones must wear high-visibility clothing and the cones they are using must be high-visibility orange with white reflective strips because they are used before dawn. Almost every morning as I leave for work, I pass the perilous situation where I cannot see the worker, usually in dark clothing, or the cones that are dark green.

Litter blight

The “unattractive” chain link fence on the new bridge is the least of our concern. Don’t you see what an eyesore all the litter is that is strewn over all the streets? Maybe spend some time thinking about how we as South Carolina residents can bring the pride back to the Palmetto State and help to be part of the solution to this unsightly problem instead of ignoring it and contributing to it. Report litter bugs, volunteer to pick up in front of your homes and in front of businesses. This is the embarrassment, not a new, safe concrete bridge.