Supports McMichael for Council

I am writing to encourage Aiken County voters to support John McMichael for County Council in District 6. I have known McMichael since 2008, both personally and professionally. In that time, I’ve learned that he is an individual who believes in service and it shows in his everyday life. He appears to be most content when he is serving others.

I have had the pleasure of serving on several boards with McMichael. I’ve witnessed firsthand how he selflessly gives of his time and talents. He is a man of immense integrity and character. He is genuine. I have observed how he participates in meetings. He listens to others. He speaks when he has something of import to say. He is not one that is given to idle talk in an attempt to demonstrate his abilities. Therefore, when he speaks people tend to listen and respect his wise counsel. He encourages others and brings out the best in those he works with.

If given the opportunity, McMichael will serve the citizens of Aiken County well. In addition to his personal attributes, he has decades of business experience that the citizens of Aiken County will benefit from if he is elected. I have already seen this experience used many times to assist organizations to which he has devoted his time. Please join me in voting for McMichael for the District 6 Council seat in the Aiken County Republican primary on Feb. 5.

Kenny Cook