It was a Christmas miracle

Let me tell you about how Hitchcock Overstock gave me a Christmas miracle.

My family had an unforeseen tragedy in December. The almost two weeks spent at University Hospital day and night, we lost 2 weeks of work and were financially burdened.

After that, I was not quite in the Christmas spirit.

I went in Hitchcock Overstock on Dec. 23, hoping to find the basketball game that I had seen there. It was, but it was more expensive than I remembered. I could not afford it for sure.

I went up to the counter where I spoke with Kathy. She said the toys were 50 percent off that week, and she would check with the store owner.

As she was finishing her sentence, Heather, the owner, walked in from a back room, Kathy asked her about it and Heather looked at me and said, “I’ll give it to you for half price.”

I just broke down and cried, they just didn’t realize what that meant to me. After Heather and Kathy embraced me (you don’t get that at any other store), they said, “This is why this store is in existence, to bless people all for the glory of God.” Heather said that this was the reason for her opening this store – to bless others. Boy, did I feel blessed, and the Christmas spirit was revived in me at that moment.

Hitchcock Overstock is stocked with everything from big jars of Gefilte fish to furniture and everything in between. Their prices are actually cheaper than Goodwill. Most items are brand new, but there are a few gently used items as well.

Thank you Heather, Kathy, Jennifer and Susan. Everyone is welcomed there, but if you are a Christian, please take time to support this store, as it is for the glory of God.

Paulie Maclure