U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., spoke Wednesday during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, taking a stance in opposition to gun control.

Here are some highlights from his remarks from the hearing:

• “I think I’m speaking for a lot of people when they say we’re heartbroken when a family member is taken through an act of gun violence, whether it be a child or anyone else but particularly children. That’s just a heartbreaking episode in society. And I think most people would appreciate the fact that there are thousands, if not millions of Americans who saved their families from home invasions or violent assault because they had a gun to protect themselves.”

• “Let’s talk about a real-world incident that happened in Loganville, Ga., on Jan. 4. My basic premise is that one bullet in the hand of a mentally unstable person or a convicted felon is one too many. Six bullets in the hands of a mother protecting her twin 9-year-olds may not be enough. So, I’ve got a chart here. At the very top is a .38 revolver and on the right is a 9-millimeter pistol that holds 15 rounds.

“Does everybody on the panel agree that a convicted felon should not have either one of those guns? Does everybody agree that a mentally unstable person shouldn’t have either one of those pistols? OK, common ground there.

“Put yourself in the shoes of the mother. The guy broke into the home. She ran upstairs. She hid in a closet. She got on the phone to the police. And she was talking to her husband in real time. The intruder broke into the home, had a crowbar and he found them in the closet. And they were confronted – confronted face to face. According to (a) media report, her husband said, “shoot, shoot.” She emptied the gun, a six-shot revolver. The guy was hit five of the six times. He was able still to get up and drive away.

“My question is: Put your family member in that situation. Would I be a reasonable American to want my family to have the 15-round magazine in a semi-automatic weapon to make sure that if there’s two intruders, she doesn’t run out of bullets? Am I an unreasonable person for saying that in that situation, the 15-round magazine makes sense? Well, I’ll say I don’t believe I am. So I can give you an example of where a 15-round magazine could make the difference between protecting a family if there’s more than one attacker.”

Sen. Graham speaks out against gun control