Post office

I noticed that the passport window at the post office on Laurens Street has a sign that said: “Passport assistance by appointments only.” This same sign at one time said, “And walk-ins are welcome also.” Does this mean that if you come in to the Aiken downtown post office for passport assistance without an appointment, no one will wait on you? So much for customer service at a time when the post office ought to be going out of their way to offer services and friendly assistance to customers. Say it ain’t so, Joe?

Widen road

I travel the 118 ByPass, Hwy 1 to Silver Bluff, twice a day, sometimes four times a day, five or six days a week. Most of the time I either get behind a slow truck or someone that must think the 55 mph sign means 35 mph and they go 25 or 30. This is always the worst part. This could be eliminated if there could be double lanes from the doctor’s offices to the Aiken Elementary entrance.

Second amendment

I agree 100 percent with the second amendment and our founding fathers. We all deserve to get when we want a single shot muzzle loader. No back ground check required and no psycho exam and we should be able to trade them whenever and to whomever we want. No gun control allowed on what our founding fathers wanted and what our second amendment guarantees, a single shot muzzle loader. Yahoo!

Editorial cartoons

I am getting so disgusted seeing ugly caricatures almost every day of President Obama and even Michelle Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton, in the Opinion section of the Aiken Standard. It would be different if these negative depictions were alternated with more positive ones, or even with negative depictions of Republican leaders, but it seems as though, lately, this newspaper is slanted against the Democrats. Please strive for more fairness.

Attacking dogs

Dogs can be assault weapons. I walked my rural neighborhood on a recent Sunday. A collared dog ran up to me barking viciously from a nearby yard, it came into the roadway. If that dog had bitten me, emphasizing, made me bleed. I would have drawn my licensed concealed weapon and ended its life. My next step would have been, to prosecute the owner since I was in the public domain.

Sunday article

Regarding the Sunday ADPS article on break-ins, why don’t you publish plans that one can legally carryout if your home is being invaded? Such as: Can you to shoot to kill within the home, and can you shoot to kill if they are running away with valuables?