Will Rogers opined many years ago that there are two things people should never watch – sausage being made and Congress making laws. The degree of idiocy in current dialogue is mind-boggling. Mitch O’Connell couldn’t say anything at all on “Meet the Press” last Sunday except that we’re done increasing taxes and the president needs to lead. Mitch, what happened to all those loopholes? Are these the only points you’re capable of making? So the president led. He gave a wonderful talk with many suggestions that do not in any way harm your Second Amendment rights, so our handsome bright light in Florida – Marco Rubio – criticized his speech, which 70 percent of Americans loved. Bad leadership. If he doesn’t lead, they criticize; if he leads, they criticize. Obama doesn’t spend money, the House does. The House overspends the budget, and then campaigns against it. No wonder we have intelligent centrists like Jenny Sanford and Olympia Snow – both Republicans – who refuse to work in Boehner’s dysfunctional house. God help us when we’re being run by a ship of fools.

Viral message

“Obama ... won in every state that didn’t require a photo ID.” What about South Carolina? If you remember, South Carolina didn’t require IDs, but Obama lost. Actually, President Obama lost 20 states, including South Carolina, that did not require a photo ID in the 2012 election. It is true that he also lost the only four states (Georgia, Tennessee, Indiana and Kansas) that did require a photo ID. Your comment is an excerpt from an email that is making the rounds on the Internet. The email makes a number of allegations, all that are easily shown to be untrue. All you have to do is check the official websites of the states or counties mentioned to obtain the facts about the actual election results.