Man detained for indecent exposure

A 35-year-old Warrenville man was detained for assault and battery and indecent exposure after he reportedly assaulted a woman outside her home, according to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office.

The 30-year-old victim told officers she walked out of her home to see the suspect standing near her vehicle and that the suspect had been taking things from her vehicle but stopped, according to the report.

As the victim began removing items from the vehicle so the suspect wouldn’t be able to take them, the suspect removed his genitals, “fondled” himself and told the victim to “touch it,” according to the report.

The victim ignored him and pushed him away, telling him to stop, the report stated. The suspect then reached into the woman’s vehicle while she was in it and began touching her inappropriately in multiple places.

As the victim pushed the suspect away, he grabbed her head and tried to pull her face to his to kiss her, according to the report. She then fled.

Man detained after running stop sign

A 41-year-old Aiken man was detained for driving under the influence after officers pulled him over for running a stop sign on East Gate Drive at Basswood Drive on Sunday, according to a Public Safety report.

The driver of the vehicle continued driving toward his home even though officers had activated their blue lights and siren, according to the report. He told officers he didn’t know the patrol car was traveling behind him and that he didn’t hear the siren.

The driver was detained after he failed multiple field sobriety tests and produced a .26 percent result on a datamaster.