Supports McMichael for Council

It is an honor to encourage voters in Aiken County District 6 to vote for John McMichael.

We know McMichael will represent you with all of the fine qualities that make him such an incredible brother and brother-in-law. His character is beyond reproach. He is always prepared, ready to learn and willing to serve. His ability to see both sides of an issue is enviable.

Because of John’s education (USC BA), his extensive business experience in the insurance industry (which included working with various Federal, state, county, and city governments), and his tireless involvement in community service (with Hitchcock Healthcare, Boys Scouts, Aiken Chamber, Planning Commission, just to name a few), he is more than qualified. His proven effective and tenacious leadership, his in-depth knowledge of local government, and his seasoned judgment will meet the challenges of this position.

He also brings with him the unique perspective of having a life-long interest in all the areas of District 6. He has lived both in Graniteville and Aiken, his father worked as an engineer for 37 years at Graniteville Company and John worked at many jobs in his youth in Aiken and Graniteville.

McMichael will work diligently for economic development and for keeping the tax burden down. He loves his family, his church, his friends, his community. His reason for running for Council is not self-serving, but so that he can serve the community he loves.

We encourage voters in Aiken County District 6 to vote for McMichael for County Council on Feb. 5.

I have always been proud to have him as my brother and you will be proud to have him as your councilman

Neil and Patsy McMichael Flowers