Supports Napier for Council

Get out the vote for primaries, on Feb. 5, in the special election to fill the unexpired term of Charles Barton, who was elected as County Auditor, thereby vacating, mid-term, his Aiken County Council District 6 seat.

I won’t get into qualifications for office, nor the ethics of running for elected position while holding another because these are matters of an inept political system, that facilitated the unopposed election for Auditor.

Now, taxpayers must bear the costs of a special election to fill the position vacated.

We have the option to disregard conflicting interests and keep it in the family by electing the wife of our former councilman.

But, we have another option – to elect a proven man of integrity, conscience and consideration for his constituency as well as all of Aiken County as the GVW fire chief. That is former District 5 councilman, Phil Napier.

I appeared before Council many times when fighting for the paving of dirt roads, ultimately participating in a lawsuit to prevent the misallocation of funds derived from the Local Option Sales Tax which were approved for that purpose.

During that time, only two members of Council defended the rights of citizens to address Council: Willar Hightower and Napier.

D. Michael Taylor