As I passed over the Laurens Street bridge, I noticed the chain-link fence was not attractive. That is what makes the bridge an eyesore.

School shooting

Why doesn’t the media and government report the true facts instead of spinning whatever they feel relevant at the time? The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting stirred up a frenzy on automatic weapons and large capacity magazines when, in fact, no automatic weapons were ever used in this terrible tragedy. The deranged person responsible, in fact, carried four hand guns. All this hoopla on automatic weapons is driven by the government and social media. All this has done is increase gun sales and put more guns and ammunition on the street. Gun stores are out of stock and report record sales. Has this been reported by the media? Way to go.

God help us all

I had a long drive home on Wednesday, so I listened to Hillary Clinton being questioned (and I use the word loosely) by our elected bunch of spineless representatives. With the exception of a few, most could not wait to cast their praise and to appoint the next DNC representative for president of the United States. God help as all. Most of the rhetoric made my eyes and ears bleed. Our country is in deep trouble, and no one has any answers. The standard answer is to vote them out, but this past November, results show that too many people still want freebies.

Litter bugs

We need to worry less about the Laurens Street bridge, which is doing its job in keeping us safe, and worry about the litter problem on our roads. Report anyone you see using the road as their trash can to 877-7-LITTER (877-754-8837). Give the plate number, model and color of vehicle and describe the litter. Put that number on speed dial.