The weather forecast seems to be mimicking certain products on the commodities market and, from day-to-day, it’s been difficult to gauge how high or low the temperature will be.

But, what are these temperature swings attributable to?

A wedge pattern brought the cooler weather to the CSRA, said Toni Morrison, National Weather Service meteorologist, in a phone interview Sunday morning.

A high pressure system east of the Appalachians was responsible for the colder temperatures on Friday morning, and the cloudy skies and lower winds held the temperature in the low 30s.

The winds were strong enough Friday night to break the wedge pattern, and warm the temperature to near normal levels for Saturday, Morrison said.

However, one should be circumspect, and not be so quick to adjust their wardrobe just yet as cooler temperatures will return again today.

A dreaded wedge pattern will be responsible for the temperature drop, Morrison said.

But, the cold weather will be short-lived as a southwest flow of air ahead of a cold front will make Tuesday’s temperatures unseasonably pleasant as the highs will reach into the 70s, Morrison said.

Showers are expected Wednesday, and cooler temperatures will return on Thursday as the result of another cold front moving into the area.