Less money

I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that they have less money in their paycheck this month? I thought only the wealthy were going to have to pay more. Iím not wealthy, but I have been supporting many of our local charities over the years. Iím sorry to say that I will have to put an end to the giving since the government is keeping my money, but Iím sure those of you who supported this president and his policies will be happy to step up and give to the Aiken charities.


Shame on the men and women who wear caps inside a restaurant. There are three reasons to do such a shameful thing. You have no hair or are having a bad hair day. If this is the case, go to a drive-through restaurant. You are ill-mannered or totally clueless. And to those who say that if they take off their cap someone would steal it, be assured that nobody wants your smelly, greasy cap.

Double check

If you are in the process of buying a property in Aiken, check with the tax assessorís office before you buy. I purchased a home and now the tax assessor is valuing the home at much more than I paid. What I thought was a deal is turning into a nightmare. Buyer beware.

Voter ID

Obama lost in every state that required a photo ID and won in every state that didnít require a photo ID. Would you suppose that would lead to voter fraud? I think we got something coming down where we need to put someone in jail.


The government has regulations regarding the types of fuel, transmission fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze, oil, fire, bumpers, headlights, seat belts, windshield wipers and exhaust emissions on the automobiles that we own. These are health and safety concerns and no one complains. I donít see the problem with regulating the types of guns we own for health and safety reasons. If we allow regulations on cars, then certainly we should allow regulations on guns.

Road work

There are so many roads in Aiken that need help and here we are worried about spending money on the bypass. I hope the City, the County and the Department of Transportation do the right thing. Donít spend anymore money on the bypass and fix the roads in Aiken that need fixing. There are so many. Please donít waste your money.