BEECH ISLAND – Aiken’s hunter/jumper community will now have access to Snaffles Inc.’s Ann Thal and Greystone Farms’ Sharer Dale under one barn at Dale’s Greystone Farms facility, located in Allwin Farms.

“We’re a full-service barn, whether it be show, a traveling show person or one that’s local and wants to go to the Hitchcock Woods,” said Dale. “Our foundation is corrective riding.”

The barn places an emphasis on being client-oriented, said Thal, who offers four decades of experience.

Dale and Thal offer a defined and personalized perspective with each trainer bringing different strengths to the program.

“It helps me a lot,” said Thal. “I travel and do some teaching, and the partnership allows us to work together, so if I’m out of town, my students will still get taught. That’s a great help for whatever business I have locally.”

Thal’s attention to detail, organization and planning skills have made an immediate impact. Horsemen see a different course each week in the show jumping ring. The facility also has a dressage ring and a trail system. The partnership’s approach allows riders to benefit from the trainers’ expertise, Dale’s riding and Thal’s being on the ground.

“It’s a complimentary program,” said Dale. “And, since Ann’s arrival, the barn is full of clients wishing to partake in the program. The clients that I had, that we now share, are coming back for more because of the technical detail Ann offers. I’m a great cheerleader. I think we wish to have a view of a shared program, so that when we go to a show, we can truly cater to our clients needs. They have the assistance and the ground support.”

The partnership also offers flexibility, where one trainer can stay at home, and the other can travel to teach or go to the horse shows, so they can provide the type of service their clients need.

There’s an atmosphere of excitement at the barn, said Dale. A definite sense of purpose.

“They’re partnering in it, taking ownership in it,” said Dale.

Both trainers are interested in learning and continuing their education, said Thal.

Horseman Linda Allen will be teaching private lessons at Greystone Farms from Feb. 10 through 15. For more information, call 522-3648 or (941) 730-1165.