In reference to the note about the first baby of the new year being born to a married couple – wonderful. With all the shacking up among couples, it’s rare to see this.

User friendly

Aiken needs a user-friendly library. It is difficult for older people or those with a minor handicap to get into the building and to walk through the heavy doors. There is also a safety issue, even during the day. I do not feel comfortable using the back entrance. How about a small satellite library that is easy to enter, safe, and might even have a drive-up window? One could order books from the main library and pick them up at the satellite. Smaller towns nearby have new libraries, as does Augusta. We can, too. This is a university town, we can do better.


My grandfather had a metal roof and I also have a metal roof. My grandfather’s metal roof did not leak. If you’re thinking of having a metal roof installed, make sure that you get a warranty from the installer and the company that manufactures the material. Pay a lawyer to go over the contract. I wish that I had.


For all the people who are opposed to guns because of the loss of lives, I have this question for you. Where are your objections to the murder of 54,000,000 babies since the inception of Roe vs. Wade?

Cover the bridge

Know what bridges are? An object waiting for a vehicle to run into it. For heaven’s sake, don’t put any irreplaceable artwork on it. It would be damaged or vandalized. My suggestion would be to cover it with camouflage tape.


It is way past time for the County to close residential doughnut holes. It is not right that neighbor A can burn trash in his yard because he’s not in the city, when next door lives neighbor B who has to endure the smoke. There should be no burning in residential areas.


We have the most corrupt government on the planet. That includes Russia, China, North Korea and Iran. The U.S. government is more corrupt than all of them.