A server who makes $60 in a three-hour shift complains about people not tipping? That’s $20 per hour, more than probably most of the customers make. I know some people just don’t tip, but look at the service. I generally tip very well. But, my tip goes down or even away if I run out of drink, if I have to wait on my check, if my order is incorrect, or mostly, if my server has a bad attitude.


The bridge is hideous. Take down the expressway off-ramp guards and install something more appropriate.

Smart enough

I’m not sure if I’m happy that about 80 percent of our local drivers are smart enough to drive with their lights on when it’s raining, or disheartened that 20 percent haven’t yet gotten the message. Could that 20 percent come from the same reckless group that doesn’t use their seat belts, doesn’t wear helmets when riding a motorcycle and is reluctant to use turn signals? Is there a common thread here? How can we protect ourselves from these people and them from themselves?


My mother recently passed away. Being a senior citizen, she had numerous doctors she saw over many years. I contacted each office myself with the news of her death. I may be overly sensitive at this time, but I am so disappointed, and even angry, that so few of them even bothered to call her family or send a condolence card. The family received only two, and I thank those two with all my heart. I only wish the others had just one ounce of your compassion.

Eight years

Even if the information regarding the number of days President Bush was away from the White House in eight years is correct, do the math. It’s a heck of a longer trip to Hawaii than to Texas. Bush went to his home. Obama rents elaborate mansions. Now, consider all the staff that have to be housed in expensive Hawaii. Even the food and gas for the parade of cars when he goes anywhere is more expensive in Hawaii. That argument, as much as you want to shelter Obama’s “let them eat cake” attitude, doesn’t fly. Can’t we expect our presidents just to return to their homes for Christmas?