McMichael for County Council

I write in support of John McMichael’s campaign for the Aiken County Council District 6 seat. McMichael and I have served together as deacons and deacon officers at Millbrook Baptist Church for the past three years. Our time together has given me an excellent understanding and appreciation of his personality and character, and I can think of no one I would be more willing to lend my support for public office.

McMichael is an easy person to meet because he has a genuine love for people. He is quick to smile and gracious with his resources (especially his time), and he has clearly modeled these traits for his family. He is an asset to any group or organization to which he belongs. McMichael has an uncanny ability to address the most seemingly miniscule details of a given situation, while never losing sight of the big picture. His integrity is simply beyond reproach.

McMichael is very engaged in his community and his church. He is known and respected in both circles as a man who works effectively and efficiently with others to devise creative solutions and foster progress. He is always composed under pressure and considerate of the needs and opinions of others. He has the rare ability to adapt to nearly any situation – demonstrating gravitas when gravitas is indicated, levity when levity is called for – without ever compromising the principles in which he so dearly believes. I am privileged to count McMichael my friend. Aiken will be privileged to count him its next District 6 County Councilman.

Jeff S. Boswell