Repaint USPS boxes

The downtown USPS mail boxes look faded and worn. It makes the whole downtown look trashy. How about a little red, white and blue paint?

Different punishments

A 17-year-old teen broke the law, had pot, someone else's ID and failed to stop at a stop sign while driving a BMW in Woodside, and his dad is called to come get him. What's up with that? I guess if you are 17 in Woodside, you are not an adult, but if you're 17 in the county you are, and you go right to jail. What a system we have.


While I understand we all have an opinion on ex-governor Sanford, I am wondering why the paper chose to print an editorial bashing him yet didn't print the writers name? The author needs to be accountable for his or her words.

Stealing from Red Box

If there are so many nefarious people in New Ellenton, not to worry. The Red Box does not take cash, only plastic. But I guess someone could try to steal the movies. Oops! I hope I didn't give someone an idea.

No collars

E- collars are for lazy people who have no consideration for their four-legged family members and are cruel on many different levels. I would like to know how many people that use this cruel short cut to training have tried the collar on themselves with the appropriate weight/intensity ratio. You are no better than anyone who leaves their dog tied to a 4-foot chain its entire life. Shame on you.

Who is paying?

I read in the Aiken Standard Tuesday morning that teen births cost the taxpayers of Aiken County about $6 million dollars and $197 million statewide. My question is – why do the taxpayers have to pay for these teenagers to have kids? When my children were born, I had to pay the hospital, doctor and also had to feed and clothe them with no help from taxpayers or anyone else. Am I missing something here? I don't feel I should have to pay one red cent for these kids to have kids. They should realize there is some responsibility to having children before they go out and get pregnant. Oh, by the way, when my children were born, I was happily married and had a good job and was a little past teenager.