Two Savannah River Site contractors received glowing reviews for their work in 2012, both earning 97 percent performance-based pay.

Both Savannah River Remediation and WSI-Savannah River, the liquid waste and security contractors, respectively, received rave performance reviews from their SRS Department of Energy bosses.

Each year, DOE reviews the work of contractors against both a set of performance-based incentives tied to specific tasks and overall performance in broader functional areas. That review ultimately determines the fee contractors receive for their work.

“Using established criteria, WSI-SRS demonstrated an exceptional level of performance this period,” DOE-SR Manager David Moody wrote in a letter to WSI-SRS.

“(SRR) completed a highly successful year in fiscal year 2012. Their success is attributed to superior contract management and a keen technical acumen,” Moody wrote to SRR.

The positive reviews mean WSI-SRS has earned nearly $2.5 million from a possible $2,602,047.50 for the six months from April 1 through Sept. 30.

WSI-SRS earned specific praise for “executing a number of sound protection strategies” and “successfully negotiation of a new collective bargaining agreement with the Protective Force union, thereby avoiding a work stoppage with significant impacts to key Site operations and missions.”

Locally, questions were asked of WSI-SRS when two armed robbers fleeing from the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office breached the outer gate of the Site and drove for miles inside the facility. However, reports of the incident suggest that the security contractor helped to contain the incident and were in constant contact with ACSO.

“Aiken County Sheriff deputies were in radio contact ... WSI-SR officers joined the pursuit. The suspects continued on Road A and turned into the road near F-Area where they drove into a ditch. The suspects did not enter any facility in F-Area. The suspects got out of their car and were quickly detained by the Aiken County Sheriff deputies while WSI-SRS officers were ready to assist,” reports from DOE-SR state. “The suspects remained on site highways and did not enter any areas with site shift workers, site operations or materials were stored. Despite driving through the barricade gate at a high rate of speed, no site workers or WSI-SR security officers were injured. DOE and WSI reviewed the incident and determined that WSI-SR security professionals acted properly in assisting the Aiken County sheriff deputies in apprehending the suspects.”

SRR were awarded near $31 million of the maximum available fee of $31,775,347.36.

Wednesday SRR told employees “you can be proud of what you have accomplished.”

“Thanks to the efforts of each of you and the accomplishments you achieved as a team during FY12, SRR received approximately 97 percent of our available award fee,” a letter from Dave Olson, SRR President and project manager, to employees reads. “We achieved much in FY12, but most noticeable was the operational closure of two high-level waste tanks, Tanks 18 and 19. ... But that wasn’t all we did.”

DOE additionally praised SRR for accelerating closure activities on the next two tanks to be closed, reaching record numbers in canister production of defense waste and salt processing, as well as several other milestones being reached.

SRR’s report was not all smiles, though. They were said to have been lacking in areas of conduct of operations, conduct of engineering and project management. The individual incidents “did not pose a significant concern,” however “collectively, the circumstances revealed a need for systematic improvement.”

SRR’s fee award covered Oct. 1, 2011, to Sept. 31, 2012.