BB guns

Several TalkBacks have spoken to the hazards of BB guns. Who do you report new hazards to? We live in Woodside and have two guns in our area. We hear there are several guns in use in Cedar Creek. We hear there is someone using a BB gun next to Hopelands Gardens where a lot of people with children are in the park. Kids, cats and dogs are in the neighborhoods and are exposed to this hazard. Eye losses are permanent and the BB guns need to be controlled. Where do you turn these people in? We want to get some action now.

Chukker traffic

I agree that the traffic for car line at Chukker Creek is a problem that needs resolution. However, I question why it exists. How does the percentage of bus riders at this school compare to the other elementary schools in Aiken County? Could the low percentage of bus riders be due to the fact that Chukker Creek is the only elementary school in the Aiken County Public School district that is not a Title 1 school? And why is it that this school is zoned for Title 1 exemption? When Mossy Creek was built in North Augusta, the school district rezoned to ensure that the new school would receive Title 1 funds. Why has this not happened for Chukker Creek? Could the low percentage of bus riders also be due to the fact that many East Aiken-zoned students use the elementary school choice option to zone out of East Aiken and attend Chukker Creek? Why is this happening? Lastly, who is funding the extension of the school’s driveway? Is it Chukker Creek’s PTO? Aiken County School District? The City of Aiken?


I, along with many other senior citizens, have just been notified by one of my doctors that she won’t be handling Medicare patients anymore. What will happen if all physicians take this stance? Is this the first step in Obama and Pelosi’s “groundbreaking, long overdue” medical care program? How does this help any of us?


Hearing Obama outline his goals for his second term paints a rather dismal picture for the future of the country. His core focus continues to be expanding entitlements with no dedicated plan on fixing the country’s economic problems. As he increases unchecked government spending, we will move closer and closer to the problems faced by our socialist neighbors across the ocean. Get ready to hunker down, troubled times await us.