A Whiskey Road traffic signal that had been out for several days is up and running again.

The traffic signal, located at the intersection of Whiskey Road and Monterey Drive, malfunctioned over the weekend and was fixed Tuesday morning, according to Aiken Public Safety Maintenance Supervisor Eddie George.

The delay in having the traffic signal fixed occurred because the processor that keeps the light synchronized went out, and though another processor was on hand, it had to be programmed by a group located in Kansas, George said.

The traffic signal continuously blinked throughout the weekend and, though the malfunctioning light may have made some drivers’ trip down Whiskey a bit inconvenient, no accidents were reported on the busy road.

George said that, luckily, this wasn’t a light at a larger, more active intersection like at Whiskey and Pine Log roads.

When a traffic signal is malfunctioning or goes out, George said that it’s beneficial for residents to call Public Safety because it’s hard for them to know unless an official sees the light themselves or it’s been reported.

The faster Public Safety knows, the faster they can start working on the problem. If a signal goes out completely, especially at an extremely busy intersection, Public Safety can bring out a generator to keep the light on until the issue is resolved, George said. In other cases, officers can direct traffic.

What do drivers need to do when a traffic signal on their route isn’t working?

When a signal is completely out at an intersection, George said to treat it like a four-way stop.

If a signal is blinking yellow, which is typical on a main road when a light is malfunctioning, approach with caution and drive through at 25 miles per hour or slower, George said. If it’s blinking red, stop and look in all directions of traffic flow before pulling out.

When a traffic signal has gone awry, George said it’s the driver’s responsibility to be cautious in the situation.

“Drivers need to be super careful because people are so distracted today – they’ve got so many other things going on, they are not paying attention,” George said.

Anyone who sees a traffic signal malfunctioning or out, call 642-7620.