During the eight years that Bush served as president, he spent 477 days at Camp David and made 77 trips to his Texas ranch for a total of 967 days away. This equals 32 percent of his time in office. A few trips to Hawaii doesnít seem so bad compared to this, now does it?

Nice weather ruined

In the past week or so, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. It would be nice to open the windows, or spend time out on your screen porch. Unfortunately, we were unable to do that because some inconsiderate jerk chose the nicest days of the winter to set his property on fire and burn the underbrush, sending a smoke screen for miles around his property. Some people have no consideration how their actions are going to impact those around them. Obviously, they donít care.

Library parking lot

When is the county going to replace the lights in the parking lot of the Aiken County Library? In the front of the building, a number of the lights have been burned out for quite a while. This is a safety issue that should not be tolerated, given all the concern about car break-ins and personal safety. Patrons who use the library in the evening should have adequate lighting in the parking lot. Instead of so much concern about the new County building, letís have the county give proper attention to the maintenance of the current facilities.

Store opening

We all are happy that Fresh Market is coming to Aiken, but my friends and I are concerned about Roma Italian Restaurant. Will they be returning, and how are they coping with the time they are closed?

Calling for attorney

I am on a fixed income and have been paying permanent alimony for over 15 years now to the ex-wife who makes over twice my income. Are there any attorneys around here who have successfully achieved either a reduction, reversal or total elimination for a man in my position?

Pot hole repair

This is for all of the people in Aiken who need their pot holes repaired. I have found that it is more productive to call the respective agency to get them repaired. If it is a county road, then call the South Carolina Department of Transportation. If it is a city road, the chances are it is City of Aiken fix. However, I have found out that if you call one agency and tell them the name of the road needed to be repaired, they will tell you if it is their responsibility or not, and they will give you the needed agency.