Man reports scam by fake cable guy

An Aiken man reported to police that he fell victim to a man posing as a cable technician.

The victim was in the process of moving in early December when a man driving a white work van came to his home on Foxhound Road and told the victim he was a subcontractor for Atlantic Broadband, and that he was there to disconnect the service, according to the report.

The victim told officers the man disconnected his cable, collected the cable box and left the home.

Around mid-January, the victim received a bill from Atlantic Broadband, and when he called them, they told him that his service was still on and that they had not received a box or sent anyone to the home to disconnect it.

Public Safety responds to house fire

The Aiken Department of Public Safety is investigating a fire that happened at a home on Union Street on Sunday.

When officers arrived on the scene about 10:30 p.m., they found heavy fire and smoke coming from the roof and rear of the home, which appeared to be unoccupied at the time, according to the report.

The fire was brought under control just before midnight, according to the report. The incident remains under investigation, and the owner of t

he home is still unknown. The structure of the home appeared to have been in “sound structural shape” before the fire and appeared to be in the process of renovation.

One of the people who reported the fire told officers she saw a man wearing a red backpack come from behind the home and get onto a bicycle, according to the report. The suspect reportedly didn’t ride away immediately, but fled the area quickly after he realized he was being watched.

A suspect fitting the description given by witnesses is known to ride a bicycle, sleep in abandoned homes and often has a red backpack with him, according to the report. Officers are working to locate the suspect for questioning.

Teen cited for reckless driving

An 18-year-old Aiken man was cited for reckless driving after he damaged the golf course at Houndslake Country Club by driving across it on Thursday.

A silver Ford F-150 was seen driving across the grass on the golf course and climbing the tee box at the course, according to a report by Aiken Public Safety. The driver of the vehicle spun its tires, leaving ruts in the grass.

The vehicle was stopped at the intersection of Deerwood and Troon Way, according to the report. The teenage driver told officers he was “being a dumb teenager and that he made a mistake.”

Woman reports purse-snatching

A 62-year-old woman reported on Monday that someone tried to snatch her purse from her while she was outside her home, according to Aiken Public Safety.

The victim told police she saw a black sedan backed into a parking space on Churchill Circle as she returned home from grocery shopping on Monday afternoon, according to the report. An unknown man approached her from the rear and grabbed her purse.

The victim told officers she struggled with the suspect and screamed, according to the report. The man then released the purse, got back into the sedan and left the parking lot traveling toward East Pine Log Road.