Roofing scammers are on the loose in rural areas in Aiken. Beware, they give the client one price but when job is calculated they have a higher total than what was contracted. They seem to prey on seniors by telling them what a good deal they are getting. Everyone should beware.

Owl with a stick

All these blue-stain tattoos – they’re everywhere and I’m getting bored with seeing them. That cute tattoo of Popeye smoking a pipe will become an owl with a stick as a person ages.


It’s a Monday afternoon and there is yet another car accident at the intersection of White Pond and Whiskey roads. How many more collisions will it take to get a traffic light or at least a left-hand turn lane installed on Whiskey Road? It has proved to be a very dangerous intersection for those of us living at Cedar Creek and Three Runs Plantation, as well as other drivers.


Anyone who thinks the cost of the inauguration is high should wait until they see the cost, not only financial, of having Obama as our president for another four years.

Don’t forget to tip

Can someone tell me why people go out to a restaurant and not tip anything? I am a good server who makes about $60 a day for a three-hour shift, so I know it is not my skills. But some people just don’t tip. They will make you do everything for them and treat you disrespectful. What is the problem?


I would like to say thank you to the gentleman who came into the restaurant that I worked at and gave me a huge tip for Christmas. I want to say, “Thanks, Bob, you made my day.”


TLC medical on Silver Bluff Road can get your prescriptions done much faster than an hour. They are also friendly and convenient, and they have two drive-throughs.

First Amendment

How would the media behave if the constitutional amendment that Obama was threatening to modify with an executive order was the firsst instead of the second?

‘House Calls’

Does anyone know where I might get a copy of the “House Calls” cookbook printed in 2005 for the Aiken County Medical Association Alliance?