From ďCat in the HatĒ to ďGoodnight MoonĒ to the Harry Pottseries, childrenís books are recognized by all. Maybe itís that book your child begged you to read to them over and over and over again. Or maybe itís that book as a child you read and it meant so much to you. Or maybe itís the one you remember your parents reading to you and still brings a smile whenever you think of it.

If there is one you loved from your childhood or one a child you know loves reading, tell us about it, and why itís so special.The description can be no longer than 50 words. Photos with the subject reading or being read to are optional. The winnerís story will be published in the paper and others will appear online at The deadline is noon on Feb. 5.

All submissions can be emailed to, or mailed or dropped off at the Aiken Standard office at 326 Rutland Drive, Aiken, S.C., 29802, attention Jennifer Miller.