Just blink

If the people who donít like the Laurens Street bridge blinked their eyes five times as they drove over it, they would never even notice that it was there.

Guns in school

How does a person get into a high school with a shotgun in his hand? I mean, it does not make sense. Somebody should have seen this young gentleman with a full-sized shotgun walking into a school.

Use gloves

More people would donate blood if the workers would wear protective gloves and lower the volume on their televisions. I was a regular donor, and I stopped going a year ago because they donít meet these conditions. I donít want to go in there with a television blasting when Iím donating blood. They donít wear protective gloves.

Kindness to the elderly

I just wanted to thank the young gentleman from Midland Valley High School who held the door yesterday for elderly people to get out of their vehicle and walk across the street and come inside. He stood there very kindly and held the door for these people, waited for them to get entirely in before he ever approached coming inside. He got his little meal after he stood in line waiting for those elderly people. He waited on them and then he got his little meal, ate his cookie, waited on the food to come and left. I just wanted to say thank you for a young man who did a kind thing for four elderly people.

Doesnít make sense

For the life of me, I cannot understand how the City of Aiken can afford to move into a new building but still canít make it possible for the public to pay their water bill online. What a racket.

Donít need attack dogs

To suggest that it is wise to ďhave a fully trained, well trained, extremely viciousĒ dog around to protect oneís home and family from possible intrusion is to expose everyone involved to the kind of tragedy that resulted in the death of one child and attack on another in that family in Moncks Corner. A well-oiled .38 should suffice.

Full protection

We must not ban assault weapons. Plus, we should allow the public to buy grenades, tanks and chemical weapons, because the government is coming to take our wives and kill our chickens.

Not a pleasant sight

Will Rogers opined many years ago that there are two things people should never watch Ė sausage being made, and Congress making laws.