Madeline Dukes has two work areas – outside in nature and inside in her studio.

“Although, I complete most work within my studio, I employ an interactive process of observation in nature to capture color, form and, most importantly, light,” Dukes said in her artist’s statement. “For me, this is where the painting begins – outside or from life.”

Duke, an artist from North Charleston, will exhibit her primarily oil-based paintings at her “Hidden Vistas” exhibit at the USC Aiken Etherredge Center until Feb. 24.

Creeks, clouds, trees, interiors and people center most of Dukes’ works.

When constructing, she seeks a connection and a personality between the work’s focus and its surroundings.

“I am fascinated by the movement between the subject and its environment,” she said in her statement. “Nothing is still. Something kinetic is always going on between the two.”

Toni Jerome, Re-Fresh store owner, has been representing Dukes for three years and has “loved showing her work.”

“She’s a wonderful young artist,” she said. “She uses the most beautiful colors (and) realistic subjects. It’s so worth being seen.”

One day last week, Jerome hung one of Dukes’ paintings in her store window, and the next morning, someone came by and bought it.

“People totally react to her work,” Jerome said. “Other artists are drawn to her work. They say, ‘Who is this? Tell me about this artist.’ She’s very respected.”

Dukes graduated from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, where she studied studio art and political science, according to her website.

Her work has shown across North and South Carolina, winning several awards and appearing in publications.

For more information on the exhibit, call 648-3893. For more information on Dukes, visit

Want to Go?

What: “Hidden Vistas” art exhibit

Who: Madeline Dukes

When: Run until Feb. 24

Where: USC Aiken Etherredge Center

Cost: Free

For more information: Call 648-3893