Stop bashing the DOT

I am writing this letter to ask the good people of Aiken not to send any more letters to the Aiken Standard, or any more messages to TalkBack, criticizing the Laurens Street bridge. The bridge was built and paid for (more than $1 million) by the S.C. Department of Transportation. The City of Aiken doesn’t own it and can’t change it.

There is a possibility that the bridge can be softened and blended into the natural environment by an antiquing process followed by effective planting by our gifted city horticulturist, Tom Rapp. But, if we continue to insult the DOT, we’ll never get permission to do it.

I have two construction engineers who are advising about proper materials. We’ll need volunteers and contributions. Work cannot begin until April because of weather conditions.

We’ll need help from our representatives in the S.C. Legislature. This will take time, during which we should cultivate a sense of gratitude and friendship with the DOT, or at least a polite silence.

Nancy Wilds