Look it up

This in response to the “That’s just not true” TalkBack. I would like the person to look up a video from 1994 of Dianne Feinstein. She says that, if she could, she would take all guns from everybody.

Drunken drivers

Cars make it easier for drunken drivers to kill people. Are we going to outlaw cars?


Kudos to the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office and Public Safety. Working together and catching burglars is how it’s done, good job.

‘Silver Linings’

Why isn’t the Oscar-nominated movie “Silver Linings Playbook” playing in Aiken? Just Another reason to drive to Augusta.

Bridge complaints

What those complaining about the bridge fail to understand is that no one who wants a more aesthetic-looking bridge is asking for tax money to be spent. I challenge you to find one TalkBack that says the city should pay for it. We have many fundraising efforts in Aiken for various reasons, so why not have an organized effort to beautify the bridge? Who knows, maybe some business or person will step up and contribute a good amount. Yes, the streets need to be fixed, by the city with tax money.

Social Security

Answer to TalkBack question about Social Security, if you have never paid Social Security taxes but are married to an individual who has done so, you may also be eligible to receive these benefits based on your spouse’s work history. You cannot receive most Social Security benefits if you have never worked or married. However, you may be able to receive Supplemental Security Income benefits.


Alcohol has destroyed far more lives than guns. Prohibition didn’t work. God bless the second amendment and moonshiners.

Get angry

We need to wake up and start voicing our opinion about what is going on in Washington, D.C., between Congress and this out-of-control president. We are in for a heck of a four years this time. The little people stand up at work everyday and try to pay taxes for all the slackers that are sucking the money out of the treasury and sending us to the poor house. It’s just not working out. Grandpa wouldn’t be very happy. It’s time to get angry.