Fantastic employee

Dear reader, the answer to your question about hard-working employees is, yes. We are truly blessed with our employee. She has been with us for around 20 years, and she is the staple of what great employees should model themselves after. She is always early, walks out the door a couple of minutes late, and the work load is handled almost effortlessly through her efficiency. She is the basis of what customer service is really all about. Thank you, Tami Jay, for your outstanding loyalty, dedication and hard work over the past 20 years. We love you and wish there were more like you.


I think the TalkBack column was most likely designed so people could have healthy conversations back and forth on opinions and not just mean comments like the one about the Bass Pro Shop not coming to Aiken because everyone is too old. Thatís neither funny nor informative or controversial or anything.


When you buy a new gun, you are checked out. You pay to have your background checked and the right to be armed. These are assault rifles they are trying to take away. I donít have one and donít need one, but some people feel that they do. The government wants to control your guns just like they took religion out of the church; a little at a time. They took it out of the schools, they take it out of our displays and everything else. They want to disarm you now so that you canít defend yourself. If these guns are so bad, why did the government issue them to the drug dealers in Mexico? They just want the drug dealers and the thieves to have them.

The bridge

I have never heard so much whining about a bridge. What is wrong with it? Itís a bridge for Peteís sake. Get over it, move on and, if you donít like the way it looks, just go on past it. Personally, the bridge is safer, more attractive and much better than what we had. So just move on or stuff it, enough said.

The bridge in Aiken was built by the state, not the city. The city has nothing to do with it. So, all you crybabies who want the bridge redone or done to suit you will probably would gripe when your road taxes go up, so let it alone. If you want stuff done, itís going to cost money.


I donít understand why people in the United States go to Russia to adopt children when there are needy children right here that need to be adopted. Right here in South Carolina.