Responsible voice needed

The current debate about gun control illustrates dramatically the different world view of liberals and conservatives.

The conservatives see all of the bad things that can happen, e.g. home invasions, government take-over, street muggings, etc.

The liberals however see how idyllic we could be and try to achieve that nirvana, e.g., there would be fewer bad guys if we had a great educational system, a good safety net, job training, fewer weapons to kill people, etc.

To the liberals putting more guns in schools and making kids wear bullet-proof vests is an admission of defeat. To the conservatives it is folly not to be fully prepared for the worse.

The liberals see how good things could be – the conservatives see how bad things could be.

The truth, of course, lies somewhere in between and we need a rational dialogue to find the optimal middle ground – something that will only happen if we have a responsibleconservative voice, which is sorely lacking at the moment.

Lester C. Welch