A man was detained on drug charges after being pulled over for a traffic stop in Wagener on Tuesday night.

The stop was made after officers heard a vehicle revving its engine and speeding on Holley Street in Wagener according to Wagener police Officer Jeremy Hill. The officers split up and were able to locate the black Pontiac Grand Am and pull it over.

The driver, 24-year-old Terrance O. Frazier, of Wagener, was going to be ticketed for thoughtless driving but officers wanted to conduct a sniff of the vehicle with the department’s K-9 unit, Hill said.

Because the dog “indicated” on the driver’s door, Hill said, officers had to search the vehicle. Officers asked Frazier if he had anything in his car and he replied no, Hill said.

A search of the car revealed a plastic bag containing 68 hydrocodone pills, he said.

Frazier was charged with possession with intent to distribute a schedule III controlled substance. Hill said the charge will be “bumped up” because Frazier has a previous drug charge.

Frazier was the only person in the vehicle.