Because of the chaos at self-service gas station, all accidents must be borne by the gas station owners. They need to be responsible.

Out of hand

Crime is out of hand with all of the break-ins, shootings and drugs. What do I see the police doing? They’re hiding behind buildings and under trees hoping to catch someone going a few miles over the speed limit. If this is more important than patrolling known crime areas then crime has a free pass. Going a few miles over the speed limit has never hurt anyone but crime does. Put cameras at intersections for red light violators and increase patrols in known crime areas. This will do more to protect the citizens.

Pay it forward

On New Year’s Day, my husband and I were having breakfast at the Huddle House on Richland Avenue. We went to pay for our bill and were told that someone had paid it for us. Thank you very much. Bless you. We will pay it forward.


It was really refreshing to see the first baby of the year was actually born to a couple who are married to each other. I’m thankful for that and I hope the people of the CSRA are thankful, too.

Social Security

Has anyone has ever heard of someone not getting their Social Security check on the day they’re supposed to? These people were supposed to get their check the first of the month and they have not gotten it yet. They use this money to pay their rent.

Double standard

I see where these movie stars are speaking out against the guns. It’s bad about the kids and all, but have they stopped to think – they’re probably getting paid, I don’t know – that the movies they make with all of this violence and killing people are putting ideas into these young people’s heads? They look at these big stars as idols. If these stars are against this, why don’t they just denounce the movies they’re in and say they won’t be in another one?


I’m just disgusted with these actors who advertise products that prey on people like insurance or reverse mortgages or urinary medications. We made them stars and this is how they repay us – with cynical advocacy of scams and near-scams.


A Redbox in New Ellenton. Really? There is no way that an unguarded machine containing money would survive more than 24 hours.