Ideas to curb violence

In wake of the recent tragedies across the country I am 100 percent behind those that say we must act; and we must act now to save our children. In light of that, I am suggesting that serious consideration should be given to the following initiatives:

• Immediately ban the sale and possession of all alcohol. There is absolutely no benefit to society and thousands of children are negatively impacted by directly ingesting alcohol or by those who have ingested it.

• Immediately ban the sale and possession of all tobacco products (see above).

• Immediately ban the sale of fast food products to anyone under the age of 21. We must leverage the available technology to ensure the person buying that fast food is the person that actually eats it. Impose a 5 cent per french fry tax to pay for the technology.

• Stop the production and sale of any vehicle that is capable of going faster than 50 mph. No one needs a car that goes faster than 50 mph. Within the next three months, ensure that every existing vehicle in the country has a limiter installed to ensure that it can’t.

• Conduct universal background checks on any individual who is cashing a lottery ticket to ensure that they do not owe taxes, child support or alimony prior to paying out the prize.

• Ban the sale of any R-rated movies, M-rated video games and other violent media to anyone under the age of 21. Establish a national database of these materials to ensure that the person that purchases the items legally does not give them to another person that can’t legally purchase them.

Even if these actions result in saving just one life, they are surely worth it – aren’t they?

Mike Schoener