Tax sugar, fat

Why doesn’t the government tax sugar and fat? Companies are cramming sugar down our children’s throats.

Channel 12 captions

I’d like to find out from Channel 12 what happened to their closed caption. I’m hard of hearing, and read the closed caption. But it’s no longer on the news.

Chain of kindness

I would like to thank the gentleman who purchased my over-the-counter medicine at Walgreen’s. I went on to do something nice for the person after me. I hope the chain will not be broken.

Bells on door knobs

People are getting their homes broken into while they’re sleeping. I put bells on my door knobs. This is a good time of year to find them with the Christmas things.

Further bridge talk

If you don’t like looking at the new bridge, take another route to the Southside.

That bridge does not belong in a quaint, historic, pretty town like Aiken. It belongs on a super highway. Maybe one of our artistic citizens can figure out a way to beautify it.

More security

I would gladly pay higher taxes if it meant more police patrols in our downtown neighborhoods. With all the recent house and car break-ins, I still have yet to see the police patrolling our streets.

Obama the hypocrite

Biggest hypocrite award: President Obama who proclaimed his concern about the American taxpayers, the middle class and the deficit make two round trip flights on Air Force One to Hawaii for a total cost of vacation transportation expense – that we paid for – to more than $7 million. Because it’s Obama, it’s ok?

Ban ammunition

The solution to getting rid of military assault weapons in America is not by banning them, it is by banning ammunition they use. This wouldn’t violate anyone’s Second Ammendment rights to own these type of weapons. It would just make the ability to use them impossible. Therefore, we should just pass laws to make the buying, selling, trading, possessing and manufacture of the ammunition that these weapons require a felony. Requiring a minimum of 10 years in prison for violating these laws. If people are willing to step up and pass these type of laws, we will not only be safer but we can do this without any Constitutional problems.