Gun free Great Britain

With big mouth Piers Morgan leading the media battle against guns in here in the USA you’d think he’d want to head back to the mother land of the UK.

He knows he’s much safer right here in the heavily armed USA. In fact, we are the most armed nation in the world at 88 guns for every 100 people, Yemen is second with 54 per 100. But the crime rate numbers tell the whole story.

Fox News program “Reality Check” revealed the FBI’s statistics related to violent crime in the U.S.

In 2011, there were 12,664 violent crimes – 8,583 by guns, 400 justified by police and 260 justified by citizens. That leaves 7,923 raw violent gun deaths in our population of 314,686,519.

But what about Great Britain? It only had 59 (not the 36 as Morgan claimed) gun related deaths, sounds good but here’s the rest of the story. Great Britain had 10,872 total crimes per 100,000 people while the America had less than half at 3,959 per 100,000. In other words, Morgan is more than twice as likely to be mugged in England than in the U.S.

Gun-free England is rated the most violent crime nation in the European Union. It is fifth in robbery and fourth in burglary.

Additionally, the totally progressive California, just reported a 24 percent drop in crime while experiencing over double the rate of normal gun sales. As horrible as it seems, we are not experiencing an increase in the rate of school shootings over the past, relative to our population, like the anti-gun lobby would like you to believe.

Go back to Great Britain Morgan and stop spreading your erroneous anti-gun agenda facts here.

Claude O’Donovan