Death penalty

If you want to get serious with gun control, why donít they give the death penalty to anyone convicted of committing a crime with a handgun or any other type of loaded weapon?


While sitting in the car, is it legal to toss cigarettes on the pavement?

In the TalkBack

We never mention God, but you always see Obama in the TalkBack.

Bridge debate

I donít have a problem with the bridge, but the chain-link fence looks cheesy. Itís a shame they couldnít have used something more ornamental.

Donít paint the bridge. It looks fine just the way it is. Painting would destroy the natural look.

I donít understand the issue with the Laurens Street bridge. The historical society should have never allowed it. It should be made historically correct.

Knife robbery

What kind of manager would let his business be robbed by a man with a knife and not have a gun to protect it?

Increase gas tax

I would like to see Aiken County residents get the county delegation to promote an increase in our gas tax. The state hasnít raised the gas tax in 25 years. Inflation has diminished that to 8 cents per gallon. We have a lot of road needs, and most of the road damage is from out-of-state travelers.

What is wrong?

What has happened to yes maíam, no maíam, thank you and please? What is wrong with people?

Hour wait

On Friday afternoon, I was trying to fill a prescription. There was an hour wait at both places. Is there somewhere in Aiken that offers less of a wait time?

Parking lot

Iím complaining about the parking lot at the new finance building. Itís very unfriendly. Itís always full, but when I went in to pay my taxes, I had to ride around for 10 minutes to find a space. However, the lobby was empty.

Redbox rentals

Redbox is machine where you can go to rent a movie, and it is usually placed on the outside of a business.

Basset hound

Does anyone know where I can get a basset hound?