The following groups donated to the 2012 Valley Empty Stocking fund: Ladies Bible Class of St. Johnís United Methodist Church, Holley Heating and Air, Scott B. Hunter, Langley United Methodist Church, Michael W. Harmon, Foreem SS St. Johns, Jim and Mae Beth Thompson, EC and Helen Randall, Gerald Attaway Sr., Eleanor Kenney, Kingdom Seekers SS Woodridge Baptist Church, W.O.W. Lodge 1094, Alex and Kay Chriswell, Lorraine C. Seely, Anne M. Cato, Jack Bell, in memory of Sam Duffie, Pat Feaster, Kathy W. Haupfear, Ladd Britt Auto Sales, Michael Harmon, Gerald Attaway, Bob and Elaine Jones, Leonel B. Ergle Jr., Pamela B. Thornton, Annie Weeks, Mardrie Toole, Robert M. Franklin, in memory of Sam Duffie, Betty C. Rapp, Jeannine E. Sisk, John F. Smith, Charles Monroe, Alton W. Haynes, Betty Coleman, Hatcher Funeral Home, Fred. W. Langdon Jr., Pattillo Family, Merriam and Hubert Hurst, in memory of Sam Duffie, Jerry and Judy Clements, Eleanor Bedenbaugh, Kay and James Keel, Martha Ebel, Helen R. Marine, Elliott Clark, LBC Lions Club, Donna and Lamond Annas, Gene and Anne Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Roland Beard, Mildand Valley Chamber of Commerce, Margaret Kneece, Vernon and Linda Smith, Allison and Scott Brown, Pentecost United Methodist Church, MaryAnn and Walt Scott, Claire Weeks, in memory of Anne Porter, Jefferson Elementary School, Margie Williamson, St. James Lutheran Church, Lillian Mitchell SS Class, in honor of Connell Scott, LBC Middle School, Mrs. Marilyn Brown, in memory of Lyn C. Brown, Majorie and George Milone, Archie Dudgen, J.R. Cadieux, Katie G. Williams Bible Class of St. Johnís United Methodist Church, Byrd Elementary School, Charles Barton, in memory of Sam Duffie, P&P Sales and Midland Valley High School. These volunteers and schools made the 2012 VESF a success.