Liberal spin is wrong

David Sirota puts a liberal spin on everything he writes. In fact some of the things he writes are outright lies.

In his column on Sunday, he wrote “President Clinton’s tax rates delivered big budget surpluses and one of history’s strongest rates of economic growth.”

The real truth is we had ‘one of history’s strongest rates of economic growth’ in spite of Clinton’s tax rate not because of them which caused the increase in tax revenue. The reasons we had one of history’s strongest rates of economic growth were the dot-com boom, the housing market, plus the economy was strong worldwide.

Sirota, also wrote, “By contrast, President Bush’s cuts to those tax rates birthed massive deficits and the slowest rate of economic growth in modern history.”

Wrong once again. A recession started worldwide in 2007 so I guess Sirota is saying that Bush’s tax rates caused a worldwide recession. Bush’s tax rates actually helped our economy. What caused our economic recession was the economy worldwide was bad, we were financing two wars, a prescription drug plan we could not afford and the housing bubble collapse. The housing bubble collapse which was caused mostly by Democrats.

Charles Cushman