Inauguration costs too much

I voted for President Obama twice. I saw nothing wasteful about his first inauguration. Quite frankly, I truly believe all the citizens that voted for him deserved the pomp and ceremony that was the first inauguration. The U.S., as a whole people should have come together at that moment in our history.

However, this second inauguration and the degree in monetary wastefulness has gone way too far considering the monetary status of our country. When my 17 year old daughter thinks enough about how our government spends money on frivolity, I know this government waste is being witnessed by many age groups.

I am normally long-winded in my letters to the editor, but I get a feeling that most of the U.S. citizens agree with my 17-year-old daughter. This second inauguration is just simply too costly and wasteful.

Timothy Monroe Bledsoe

North Augusta

Editor’s Note: Private donors pay most of the cost of the inaugural balls and the ceremony. Tax dollars are used for associated expenses such as security, traffic control and cleanup.