I have just read a letter from Jan Collova in the Wednesday edition of the Aiken Standard and feel compelled to respond. I have checked the veracity of her many comments proving that there was massive voter fraud by Democrats in the recent presidential election. Rest assured, fellow voters, that none of her accusations are true.

The Standard will not allow me to cover the entirety of the report issued on the subject by Snopes.com. In response to the exact claims made in Collova’s letter, Snopes issued a “False” on each and every claim. I would like to have included Snopes’’s report in this letter, but the Standard allows me only 300 words and Snopes goes into detail in refuting each of the claims. I refer you to Snopes.com/politics/the ballot box for those details.

I would like to comment on Collova’s statement that the fact that “Obama won in every state that did not require a photo ID and lost in every state that did require a photo ID in order to vote.” That, too, is called out as false and it stands to reason that such massive voter fraud would only be possible if voting machines were rigged or ballot counts were compromised. (As a matter of fact, South Carolina did not require photo ID in the 2012 election and President Obama did not win here.)

Little wonder that the major media, including the Standard, have avoided publishing the story.

Jerrold Sundt