Proposal to change state government

South Carolina is always looking for ways to balance the budget.The first thing we should do is become a unicameral (one legislature) state.Send the state senators home. This will make passing laws easier. As part time employees we can eliminate all of their benefits and retirement. We can call ourselves a right to legislate state.

There are really only two things a state needs to do: education and roads. Since South Carolina can’t do either one well with two legislative bodies, the cuts wouldn’t be noticed. To generate money for highway repair and paving, install toll booths at either end of Interstate 95 with South Carolina plates being exempt. To add money to education, legalize casino gambling in Myrtle Beach and install a few off-track betting parlors in places like Aiken County that has horse racing and no betting.

Once you have a good infrastructure and an educated work force, the high paying jobs will come.Currently,Gov. Nikki Haley’s idea of attracting businesses is a race to the bottom, by low-balling other states’ workers in pay and benefits. This is sad. We don’t need a caste system.

Michael Ledo