Mr. Tree God

I want to know why Aiken Electric Co-op is chopping down peopleís bushes that are supposedly under power lines. They chopped mine down, and they didnít even go up to where the line is. They chopped it down and sprayed it with tree killer. Their Mr. Tree God up there gave them the order. Thatís not fair.

Great performance

I want to commend the cast and crew of play ďFrost/NixonĒ at the Aiken Community Playhouse and encourage everyone to go see it. My husband said it was the best show he has seen at ACP Ė and that was only at intermission. Amazing script and performances. Donít miss this show.

Stick with the funnies

It appeared that it was more important for the president to finish his Hawaiian vacation than it was to solve the countryís financial problems. Keeping that in mind, I will stick with the funnies. At least I know they are all fantasy.

Laurens Street bridge

It seems like a few people want to paint this bridge because they think itís ugly. Well, why donít you who want this to be done set up a place where you can all meet, like at the bridge, and hire some one to paint it and pay for it out of your own pockets? The bridge is only a bridge. Itís not an art gallery.

Since the Laurens Street bridge was finished, there has been so much negativity about the appearance of this horrific structure and that our citizens of Aiken have to view. Maybe we can get someone to paint it in camouflage so we will not be able to see it or the people who dislike it so can close their eyes as they drive over. I think the bridge serves it purpose of getting cars from one side to the other.

Tax notifications

Has anyone received a letter from the S.C. Department of Revenue stating that their tax returns were among those that were hacked? Iím just wondering if the letters have even been sent out.

Cell phone plans

The cell phone providers are taking advantage of us. We should be able to have any smartphone we want without being forced to pay outrageous prices for a data plan. Pay for minutes of talking or text. What if I do not need data? Congress, will you help us? Consumers need to be protected from this predatory practice.

Police car

I was at the intersection of Whiskey and Pine Log roads and saw a police car with a child in the passenger seat. What is up with that? How can he use a taxpayer-funded car to transport his family? Isnít that personal use?