Summer attire in the middle of winter? That’s what residents of the CSRA were wearing as they experienced conditions more associated with an afternoon in June this weekend as their thermometers read in the mid-80s on Saturday and mid-70s on Sunday.

However, the unseasonably warmer temperatures won’t last too much longer, said Bruce Cherry, National Weather Service meteorologist. A ridge of high pressure was the reason for seeing the people in shorts and T-shirts.

“There’s a large surface area of high pressure centered around the Mid-Atlantic states,” said Cherry, in a phone interview Sunday afternoon. “It’s slowly moving east. We should return to more normal temperatures by the end of the week.”

But, people shouldn’t get carried away, and realize that it’s still winter and cooler weather is far more the routine, and that the rising air temperatures of the last few days are somewhat of an anomaly during the height of winter.

However, one can take solace in not having to dig through the closet to find a parka, gloves and long underwear in an attempt to stay warm and ward off freezing temperatures associated with a winter wonderland.

By Friday, the high temperature should cool to the mid to upper 50s, and will stay that way into next weekend, said Cherry.

The low temperature on Friday morning should in the upper 30s.