Pay raise

Iíd like to know Ė has anyone heard that Congress gave themselves a raise thatís supposed to take effect in March?

Straight Talk

Thank you for letting me know about the Straight Talk plan at Walmart. I was almost going to get it until I heard about the customer service. I will keep looking.


The S.C. DNR changed its published regulations to offer a free hunt weekend. This smacks of bureaucratic pandering. Deer season lasts from Aug. 15 to Jan. 1. Legitimate hunters who respect the rules have had time to harvest what they wanted.

People of Aiken

Iíd like to thank the people of Aiken. Every time I have gone out to eat, someone seems to have purchased my lunch. I have purchased lunches for others, as well. The people of Aiken do many wonderful things and do a lot of stuff for good.

Strange people

My daughter was driving on Richland Avenue, and at the corner of Richland Avenue and Laurens Street, a man got out of his car and beat on her car. Who does that?

Pave the roads

I have no children, and my taxes are crazy. The roads in downtown need to be paved. The ditches are practically canyons.

No results yet

On Dec. 27, it was reported that a womanís complaint of a man trespassing was being investigated. This has happened to several other women in the area. They have reported the incidents, but the person hasnít been caught.

Susan Butler

I just want to thank a special lady who was my angel this afternoon. While standing in line to pay for my groceries at Bi-Lo, I was told my account had insufficient funds. I quickly went to the ATM to pull up my balance and realized my account had been compromised. My heart dropped. Upon seeing my distress, Susan Butler, who was behind me in line, graciously paid for my groceries without a second thought. What a beautiful and selfless thing to do. Your kindness was so unexpected but so greatly appreciated. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you, my family was able to have a good dinner. May God bless Susan Butler and her family. I look forward to the day when I can do the same for someone else.

Delayed paving

Good luck getting your roads paved. We in Melrose have been waiting 30 years.