Dear Scott: I want my hair to look good when I get out of bed in the morning. Every time I get up, my hair looks terrible. I sweat like crazy when I sleep. When I get up, I just look a mess! I want a wash and wear haircut that I don’t have to blow-dry or do anything with. I don’t want to use any products on my hair either. Can you suggest a hair style that I can wake up in the morning and look good and I don’t have to do anything with all day?

Answer: Excessive sweating while sleeping can sometimes be a symptom of an underlying illness that you might want to check with your doctor about. But even without the problem of night sweats, you may be expecting a little too much out of your haircut.

To think it is possible to jump out of bed and look great is not a possibility for even a runway model, assuming you aren’t one.

The heat of the scalp against the pillow is enough to cause distortion of the hair. A satin pillow will help if you don’t mind your head sliding off all night or picking the pillow up off the floor when it slides out from under you.

There are many hair cuts that require little maintenance. If short hair is a possibility for you, try a popular trend this year. The pixie has been a favorite choice as a short style that can be modified to fit just about any facial shape.

Cute and sexy at the same time, the pixie cut is a hot favorite from the past that has soared in popularity since Anne Hathaway chopped off her long hair for the movie “Les Miserables.”

Depending on your hair texture, a root perm may help to add volume and directional control. This kind of perm is processed only at the base of the hair. This adds lift and fullness while leaving the ends of the hair straight and manageable. For longer hair, try a bed-head look of wavy locks. From chin to shoulder length, these styles wear well through the night. With the right cut, great wash-and-wear hair is an appointment away. A light texture-wave can help straight hair look up to date even on the wimpiest hair.

Avoiding the use of hair products is detrimental to any hair style. It takes just a few seconds to add a little gel or styling foam. The return benefits are plenty. If you have been using cheap products, spend more to get better.

Disappointing cheap styling products can be sticky, gooey or do nothing. For a few more dollars, you can have something that works instead of another bottle for the graveyard under the sink.

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