Horsemen will have an opportunity to add to their tool box next Saturday at 2 p.m. as the Aiken Horsemanship Academy will be holding a demonstration at Boots, Bridles and Britches.

Julie Robins founded the Aiken Horsemanship Academy as a resource for horsemen who were looking for options to strengthen their relationships with their horse, by placing an emphasis on improved communication.

“The horsemansship principles that we teach are based on how horses communicate with each other and are the most logical to the horse,” said Robins. “The language of the horse is based on body language, space and herd dynamics of who moves whose feet. By learning how to implement these technques, it becomes very easy to direct and connect with your horse from greater responsiveness and understanding.”

And as the bond is strengthened between rider and horse, it builds confidence and trust, enhancing the relationship in a myriad of ways. The improved communication helps to resolve issues, so rider and horse will enjoy better results, more success and a far greater experience, said Robins.

“Most problems start because horses and humans have very different reactions,” said Robins. “Our techniques teach you how to allow and direct this which translate very quickly into a more confident and comfortable horse who looks to the human for leadership.”

For more information about the Aiken Horsemanship Academy, you can access their website at